Research Staff

Dr. Vishwajeet Pattanaik

Designation: Specialist Scientist

Qualification:Ph.D. (Computer Science), Tallinn University of Technology

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Modelling driving behaviour of Indian drivers using heavy-vehicle simulator, Investigating the effect of real-time alerts on drivers’ response and their driving behaviour, Simultaneous optimization towards smooth traffic flow in urban environments, Video analytics using unmanned aerial vehicles for miscellaneous object detection applications, Detection and characterization of speed bumps/potholes using smartphones, A self-supervised, visual-analytical approach for automatic detection of cyclonic events in satellite observations.

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Ubiquitous Computing, Collective Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction

Dr. Vivek Vasudeva

Designation: Specialist Scientist

Qualification: Ph.D. (Operations Management) from The University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Developing optimized charging schedules for electric buses.

Research Interest: Linear Optimization, Non-linear Optimization, Network Optimization

Mr. Mayesh Mohapatra

Designation: Project Associate

Qualification: B.Tech(Hons) in Computer Science, Bennett University

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Early Detection and Classification of Cyclonic Storms in the Indian subcontinent using Infrared Satellite imagery, Multiple Object Tracking and Crowd Counting in dense conditions through live drone feeds.

Research Interest: Computer Vision, 3D-Object Detection and Tracking, GANs, Monocular Object Detection, NeRFs.

Mr. Raheemudheen P R

Designation: Project Associate

Qualification: MCA

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Bicycle Simulator.

Research Interest: Computer Graphics, Generative AI.

Mr. Vaishak R

Designation: Project Assistant

Qualification: M.Tech in Transportation Engineering and Management, Reva University

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved:Development of city-scale activity based models for Bengaluru

Research Interest: Development of multimodal transportation model for an urban city, travel behaviour survey, creation and estimation of geometric design of highway using OPENROADS and CIVIL 3D software, network augmentation using Q-GIS software.

Mr. Rankit Kachroo

Designation: Project Associate

Qualification: MTech CSA, IISc

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Traffic Optimization using Deep Learning.

Research Interest: Reinforcement Learning, Big Data Analytics, Unsupervised Learning.

Mr. Aditya Arvind

Designation: Project Scientist

Qualification: M Tech Syscon, IIT-B

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Data-Driven Driving Behaviour Analysis.

Research Interest: Big Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance, Data Science, Computer Vision.

Mr. Anil NP Koushik

Designation: Research Associate

Qualification: M Tech

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: City-Scale Travel Demand Model Development.

Research Interest: Travel demand modelling, Activity-based modelling, Neural Networks, Machine learning.

Mr. Aritra Karmakar

Designation: Full Stack Developer

Qualification: B.E (ISE), VTU

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: City-Scale Travel Demand Model Development.

Research Interest: Software Solutions, Full Stack Development, Web Development, Emerging trends in JavaScript, Web3, Web Performance, Data Modelling.

Ms. Aartii Balana

Designation: Senior Project Associate

Qualification: Masters in Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Video Edge Analytics on UAV.

Research Interest: Robotics, Computer Vision, Mathematics, Brain-Computer Interface.

Mr. Parikshit Singh Rathore

Designation: Junior Research Fellow

Qualification: B.Tech CSE

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Deep Learning-based Self-Supervised Approaches for Cluster Analysis.

Research Interest: Computer Vision, AI for Good.

Mr. Dileepan K

Designation: Project Scientist - I

Qualification: Masters of Transportation Engineering and Management, NIT Trichy

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Integrated Corridor Management Dhaka North for World Bank, Road Safety Audits, Blackspot Rectifications, In Plant Traffic Layout & planning studies , Journey Risk Management , Crash Investigation ( Road Perspective) and Product Development.

Research Interest: ITS based technologies & Road Safety, Transportation Planning.

Dr. Pruthvish Rajput

Designation:Research Associate-I

Qualification: Ph.D. (Computer Science), Pandit Deendayal Energy University

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: ML-based Automotive Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Research Interest: Intelligent Transportation Systems, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems.

Ms. Anushtha Tamrakar

Designation:Project Associate - I

Qualification: B.Tech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, International Institute of Information Technology, Naya Raipur [C.G.]

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Development of an Unsupervised Learning-based Model for Cyber-attack Detection in Power Grid.

Research Interest: Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Computer Vision.

Dr. Aviral Marwal

Designation:Research Scientist

Qualification: PhD (Land Economy), University of Cambridge; MSc, TISS;, IIT Delhi

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: City scale activity-based travel demand modelling.

Research Interest: Agent Based modelling using Netlogo, Spatial Analysis and Simulations using R and GIS, Land use and housing policy.

Ms.Preethama R

Designation:Program Assistant

Qualification: MA Psychology (Integrated MBA), Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Ongoing Research/ Project Involved: Evaluation of Road Rules and Best Road Practices.

Research Interest: Behavioural psychology, Decision science, Socio-Cognitive Psychology.