Workshop on electric vehicle logistics

30th & 31st March 2023

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru


This two-day program will focus on operations research problems in electric mobility, particularly on optimizing location, schedules, and routing. Day 1 will include tutorials on these topics along with an introdcution to electric vehicles and smart grids.

Day 2 will have research talks on EVs, an industry seminar session, and a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for electric mobility. The target audience of this workshop includes students, researchers, and professionals interested in electric vehicles and fleets.


Day 1 (30th) Title Speaker
8:45-9:00 Welcome
9:00-10:00 E-mobility Ecosystem and Challenges Prof. Umanand L
10:00-11:00 Introduction to Transport Optimization Prof. Maximilian Schiffer
Prof. Tarun Rambha
11:00-11:15 Tea Break
11:15-12:15 Optimization for Logistics - Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPs) Prof. Maximilian Schiffer
12:15-13:15 Smart Grids Prof. Gurunath Gurrala
13:15-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15-15:15 EVRP and Battery Swapping Prof. Maximilian Schiffer
15:15-16:15 Planning Public Transport - Vehicle Scheduling Problem (VSP) Prof. Tarun Rambha
16:15-16:30 Tea Break
16:30-17:30 Planning Electric Public Transport - EVSP and Charging Scheduling Prof. Tarun Rambha
Day 2 (31st) Title Speaker Affiliation
9:00-9:45 Research Talk: Where Should I Charge my Car? From User-centric Solutions to System-centric Improvements Prof. Maximilian Schiffer Technical University of Munich
9:45-10:30 Research Talk: Energy-efficient Routing for Last-mile Logistics Prof. Tarun Rambha Indian Institute of Science
10:30-10:45 Tea Break
10:45-11:30 Research Talk: Integration of Electric Vehicles into Urban Bus Networks and Truck Fleets in Germany Prof. Grit Walther RWTH Aachen University
11:30-12:15 Research Talk: Agent-Based L2O Approach to Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Vehicle-to-Grid Supply Dr. Prasant Mishra Senior Scientist at TCS Research
12:15-13:00 Industry Seminar: Charging Technologies and Future Trends Dr. Tobias Morciniec Deputy General Manager at Mercedes-Benz
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:30 Industry Seminar: Bus Network and Schedule Redesign for Electric Buses Dr. Ravi Gadepalli Consultant with the World Bank & ADB
14:30-15:00 Industry Seminar: Creating Vibrant Electric Mobility-as-a-Service Ecosystem in Indian Cities Divay Pranav Director at Yulu
15:00-15:30 Industry Seminar: Location Intelligence for E-Mobility - Opportunities and Challenges Ashish Kumar
Independent Consultant, Clean Mobility
15:30-16:00 Industry Seminar: How Battery Swapping Can be a Practical Approach to Scale EV Adoption Anil G COO at Bounce
16:00-16:30 Industry Seminar: Accelerating Transition of Fleets to Electric Abhay Kumar Technical Expert, Simulation and Digital Twins, Siemens
16:30-16:45 Group Photo and Tea Break
16:45-17:45 Panel Discussion on Challenges and Opportunities for Optimizing Electric Mobility


  • Speaker 1

    Prof. Tarun Rambha

    IISc Bangalore

  • Speaker 2

    Prof. Maximilian Schiffer

    TU Munich

Invited Researchers

  • Speaker 1

    Prof. Umanand L


  • Speaker 2

    Prof. Gurunath Gurrala


  • Speaker 3

    Prof. Grit Walther

    RWTH Aachen University

Industry Speakers

  • Speaker 1

    Dr. Prasant Mishra

    Senior Scientist, TCS Research

  • Speaker 2

    Dr. Tobias Morciniec

    Deputy GM, Mercedes-Benz R&D

  • Speaker 3

    Dr. Ravi Gadepalli

    Consultant, World Bank & ADB

  • Speaker 4

    Divay Pranav


  • Speaker 4

    Anil G

    Chief Operating Officer, Bounce

  • Speaker 5

    Ashish Kumar

    Consultant, Clean Mobility

  • Speaker 6

    Abhay Kumar

    Technical Expert, Siemens


Course Fee per participant (includes lunch and refreshments):
Rs. 1500 + 18% GST for students
Rs. 3000 + 18% GST for researchers
Rs. 4500 + 18% GST for industry participants
Course fee in bulk if paid by organizations: Rs. 20,000 + 18% GST for every 5 industry participants.

Please register here before March 28th.

Venue & Contact

Contact Details

CiSTUP, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru - 560012, INDIA
Phone: +91-80-2293-2521/2043
Fax: +91-80-23468207

The organizers thank the Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) and the Centre for Continuing Education, IISc for their support in organizing this workshop.