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Phase 5

Project Code. Investigator Title of the Project
CIST0055 Dr. M. Mathirajan
Development of Decision support system for location of depots and allocation of buses to depots in urban road transport organization
CIST0056 Prof. Sudhakar Rao (PI) & Mr. Raghuveer Rao (Co-PI)
Characterization of Bengaluru groundwater for BTEX contamination and development of procedures for remediation of BTEX contaminated groundwater
Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu
Intelligent traffic monitoring
Dr. Dipanjan Gope
Cloud-Mobile-Device framework for cost effective crowd-participatory bus monitoring and Bus-Arrival-Time prediction
CIST0060 Dr. V.V. Srinivas
Reliability analysis for storm water drain network in Byatarayanapura, Mahadevapura and East core zones of Bangalore
Dr. G.R. Jayanth
Development of long range, optical trip wire-based early-warning systems for accident prevention
Dr. Himabindu. M
Impact of TEG on fuel economy and emissions in urban buses-A simulative approach
CIST0063 Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan
Sewage to potable water: Automation for a novel membraneless, chemical free water filtration and desalination system
CIST0064 Dr. Abha Misra
Graphene based electonic nose for pollution monitoring
CIST0065 Dr. Parthasarathy Ramachandran Multi-stage recourse model for sustainable utilization of goundwater
CIST0066 Dr. Soma Biswas & Prof. K.R. Ramakrishnan
Vehicle counting and Classification in Traffic videos

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