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Phase 3

Project Code. Investigator Title of the Project Department
CIST 035 Dr. P. Balachandra  Benchmarking Bangalore city for sustainability:An indicator based approach Management Studies
CIST 036 Dr. K. S. Nanjunda Rao  Retrofitting of masonry in compression, flexure and shear with FRP. Civil
CIST 037 Dr. H. N. Chanakya Enhancing Productivity and Economics of Small-scale Biodiesel Units  CST
CIST 038 Prof. G. L. Sivakumar Babu  Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) characteristics of a typical  landfill in Bangalore Civil
CIST 039 Prof. K. Gopakumar/Prof. L. Umanand  Design and development of a constant switching frequency Hysteresis PWM controlled motor drive for variable speed electric vehicle applications , with fast dynamic performance.   CEDT
CIST 040 Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan   Mechanically Flexible Sensor Tape/Sticker with Analog Processor and Electronic Communication for Centralized Monitoring of Bus Diagnostics   ISU
CIST 041  Dr. G. R. Jayanth   Development of a Robust, Low Cost Traffic Measurement System ISU
CIST 042  Dr. Abha Misra  Carbon nanotubes based flame sensor   ISU
CIST 043  Prof.Monto Mani/Prof. B.V.V.Reddy/Prof. H.I Somashekar Assessing resource and energy demand attributed to modern urbanizing transitions in rural dwellings   CST

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