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Phase 2

Project Code. Investigator Title of the Project
CIST023 Prof. R. Srinivasan
Dept. of M.S
Demand Management and Strategies for Improvement of Market Share of KSRTC on Selected Routes
CIST024 Dr. P. Anabzhagan
Dept. of Ci. Engg.
Characterization of Rail Track Ballast fouling Using Ground Penetration Radar and Field Sampling
CIST025 Dr. D. Sannadurgappa
Valuation of Ecological Functions and Benefits of Bangalore Urban Wetlands
CIST026 G. M. Latha
Associate Professor
Performance Evaluation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Unpaved Roads
CIST027 Prof. T. G. Sitharam
Underground Construction in Urban Areas:Field Data Analysis and Monitoring, Numerical Simulations and validation
CIST028 P. V. Sivapullaiah
Dept. of Ci.Engg.
Use of Solid Waste to Enhance Properties of Problematic Soils of Karnataka
CIST029 Dr. Parameshwar Iyer
(Management Studies)
A Knowledge Management Model for the Bangalore Namma Metro Project
CIST030 Tejas Gorur Murthy
Dept. of  Ci. Engg.
Bearing Capacity of Shallow embedded pipelines in urban sprawl
CIST031 Dr. R. T. Naik
Dept. of M.E
Development of Bio-Hybrid Three-Wheeled Auto-Rickshaw for Urban Transportation
CIST032 Prof. Jaywant H. Arakere - ME Design for Thermal comfort using Ventilation and thermal mass.
CIST033 Dr. T. V. Ramachandra
Associate Faculty, CiSTUP.
Urban Sprawl in Tier-11 Cities of Karnataka: Analysis of Patterns, Process and Environmental Sustainability
CIST034 PI: Dr. HN Chanakya- CST & Co PI:Dr. S. G. Sreekanteshwara Swamy - KSCST
Management and Technology of Urban Solid waste leachate

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