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Projects by Technical Staff at CiSTUP

Title of the Project Name 

Urban Renewal: Kalasipalyam Bus Terminal:

N. Ramesh Babu and Ms
Noelene Marisa.

Auditing of Road Signs and Markings in Majestic Area of Bangalore City:

N. Ramesh Babu, Harish M, Aswathy K.P. and Noel V. Johnson

Design of Infrastructure for Depots with Optimal Usage of Land and Future Requirements:

N. Ramesh Babu, Harish M, Ankitha Rao, Noel V.  
Johnson, Amitha T.P. and Aswathy K.P. 

Design of Infrastructure for Terminal with Optimal Usage of Land and Future Requirements of Passenger Amenities:

N. Ramesh Babu,
Harish M, Noel V. Johnson, Vijaya Hegde, Amitha T.P., Aswathy K.P.

Operational viability of CNG buses in comparison with HSD fuelled diesel buses N.Ramesh Babu
KSRTC's ITS-Problems and Solutions N.Ramesh Babu
Operational Feasibility and cost benefit analysis of electric hybrid buses in BMTC N.Ramesh Babu
Reducing traffic congestion in Bangalore city N.Ramesh Babu
IISc Traffic management study N.Ramesh Babu

A study of rural public transport system- A case study of Mysore and Chamrajnagar districts

1.Cover Sheet

N.Ramesh Babu, Dr. Harish

K.R Market: Problems and Solutions

2.K. R. Market Report

N.Ramesh Babu, Dr. Harish, Monika Yadav,Nishant Dwivedi
A study of pedestrian underpasses in Bangalore city N.Ramesh Babu, Dr. Harish, Prof.T.G. Sitharam

Mentoring in implementing CMP action plans of tier II cities in Karnataka: Tumkur pilot project

N.Ramesh Babu, Dr. Harish
Traffic impact analysis for proposed MDPL project near agara lake

N.Ramesh Babu, Dr. Harish

A study of vehicular overpasses in Bangalore city Dr. Harish, Lokesh Hebbani, N.Ramesh Babu
A study of vehicular underpasses in Bangalore city Dr. Harish, Lokesh Hebbani, N.Ramesh Babu, Prof.T.G. Sitharam
B-TRAC Project (Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project) - Impact & Evaluation Study.
Contents of B-Trac
Main report
Lokesh Hebbani, N.Ramesh Babu, Dr.Harish, Prof.T.G.Sitharam
1. Status of Bus bays and bus stop in Bangalore 

2. Foot over bridges in Bangalore

Dr. Gururaja KV
1. A feasibility study report on Under passes  and bi passes in and around Bangalore.

2. Problems and consequences of traffic and transport problems in St. Johns Hospital campus, Koramangala, Bangalore

Dr. Harish .M

1. Assessing extent of inequality variation within Bangalore Urban Agglomeration

2. Mantri Agara project study on sustainable development

Keya chakraborty
1. Smart Transportation & Mobility Solutions.

2. Safe Traffic & Easy Transportation.

3. Traffic Impact Assessment Study on Sarjapur Road.

4. Mapping of all Accident Locations in Bangalore City along with other relevant information using GIS.

5. Mantri Agara project study on traffic and transport issues

Lokesh Hebbani

1. A study of vechicular overpass in Bangalore city

2.A study of pedestrian overpass in Bangalore city

3.Astudy of K.R. Market

4.Mantri Agara project study on traffic and transport issues

N.Ramesh Babu

1.Study of Road Network Geometrics in bangalore

2.Mantri Agara project study on traffic and transport issues

Radha Chanchani

1.Form Based code exploratory study for city of Bangalore

2.Reritalizing the nallah network in Bangalore

3. Decentralization of the SWM system in Bangalore

4. Mantri Agara project study on sustainable development

Jaya Dhindaw

1. CMP implementation plan for Tumkur city

2.Integrated public transport system-case study of namma metro

3.Mantri Agara project study on traffic and transport issues

Jyothi Chava

1.Joint and review projects with cistup staff

Laxmi Nagaraj

Flexible and Sustainable Development standards for housing

1.Cover page
2.Full Report
7.FSD Full Report

Laxmi Nagaraj

Transit oriented development analysis for the Indian context

1.Cover page
2.Full Report
5.TOD Full Report

Laxmi Nagaraj

Ltsaps for bangalore metro
Transit oriented performance recommendations

1. Abstract
2. Report
3.Full Report with appendix

Laxmi Nagaraj
Development of a Methodology to Evaluate Tyre / Pavement Noise Characteristics of Bangalore City Roads Dr.Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri
Bus Stops and Bus Bays in Bangalore:A Status Report Suresh.B,Puneeth H.C, Dileep k,Jay K,Deepak.B, Dr.Gururaja K.V
Advanced Pavement Engineering Laboratory manual

Dr.Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri

 A Study of the Autorickshaw System in Bangalore City
1.Autorickshaws Final Report
2.Autorickshaws study Bangalore CISTUP
3.Autorickshaws: Summary-GoK-DULT-RTA-RTO
Radha Chanchani
A Review of Biomass Equations and its Utility for Assessing the Potential for Carbon Stocks Prachi Ugle
A Study on Travel Characteristics of Commuters Using Two Wheelers D. Manjula Minakshi Goswami, Prof. T. V. Ramanayya
Carbon Sequestration Potential of Urban Trees Prachi Ugle
CiSTUP World Café Social Experiment on IISc Infrastructure: The Final Report for further action and distribution Dr. Parameshwar P. Iyer
Essentails in urban lake monitoring and management Dr. T. V. Ramachandra
Foss 4G: Workshop on open source Geo spatial tools T. V. Ramachandra
MS Mohan Kumar
S Narendra Prasad
Geosythetic lining solutions and related issues 1. G. L Sivakumar babu
2. K. P. Pradeep                     
3. S. Sireesh
Integrating Hawkers and Vendors in Pedestrian Policy and facility design guidelines for Bangalore city Dr. Ashish Verma                         
Dr. Anjula Gurtoo
Mitigation Air Pollution from Transportation Sources for the City of Bangalore Mahesh Kashyap                    
Dr. KV Gururaja                      
Prof. TGS
Mobility Study Bangalore, India - High Potential research projects I India in the area of mobility - ACATECH Prof. Dr. Jorg Schonharting (TRC)                                  
Prof. TGS
Project Roadeo-Project Report Arutra Paul                    
Arjun S Bhat
Nischit Bharadwaj
Sameera Shroff
Recommendation for Traffic and Transit Management Centre (TTMC), Koramangala Dr. M. Harish                    
Dr.K.V. Gururaja, Prof. T.V. Ramanayya, Prof. Anantharamaiah & Prof. TGS
Report of Transportation Study Tour to Tier-II Cities-Bellary and Gulburga Dr. Ashish Verma                    
Rahul Goel
Report on Bangalore Development Authority's Proposed Signal Free Cprrodpr from Water Tank (100' Road) Junction to Agara Lake (Jakkasandra) Junction in Koramangala Mr. Harish. M                          
Mr. Lokesh Hebbani               
Prof. TGS
Traffic Assessment Study @ Mantri Square Mall, Malleshwaram, Bangalore Radha Chanchani                    
Fagun Rajkotia
User Needs Study: Living lab on Bangalore Mobility and ICT Research for Smart City Solutions Prof. KB Akhilesh,
Prof. TGS                             
Minakshi Goswami
D. Manjula
Report on "Genetic Algoritham and their Applications in Transportation Planning Ms. Rajani Hegde and Prof. D. Nagesh Kumar
Micro-Scale Change Detection in Wetlands Using QGIS: A Case Study of Belgaum City Shridhar M. Samant and Dr. Gururaja K. V
Development of a Model for Simultaneous Feeder Buses Route Generation and Schedule-Coordination with rail on an Identified Rail Corridor Parag Raipuria and Dr. Ashish Verma
A Comparison of Artificial Intelligence technologies used in Vehicle Actuated Traffic Signals and Proposal of an On-Surface Sensor Technology Jay Nalin Kapasi and Prof. T. G. Sitharam
1. Modelling of an Integrated Urban Mass Transport System and 2. Peer Review on - Inception Report of DULT Ms. Sushma Sreenivas and Dr. Ashish Verma
1. Urban Footprint Dynamics in Indian Metropolis 2. Project Report of Urban Sprawl Analysis of Gulbarga, Hubli and Dharwad City and 3. Development of Digitized Seismotectonic Map of India in Context of Current Status of Earthquake Engineering inIndia Ms. Priyadharshini J. Shetty and Ms. Shashikala
Transport Planning of IISc Campus Bangalore Ms. Shreya Ural
Campus Infrastructure System R. Usha Kalpana and Prof. T. G. Sitharam
Report on "Genetic Algoritham and their Application in Transportation Planning Ms. Rajani Hedge
Pavement Engineering Laboratory Mr. Rajasekhar Bangaru
Pavement Engineering Laboratory Mr. Rajasekhar Bangaru
Report on the Hubli-Ankola Railway Line Gururaja K V & Deepak Baindur
Planning Sustainalbe Urban Transport System Deepak Baindur
Opportunities for emergency vehicle preemption in Bangalore Dileep Kadambi, T.G. Sitharam & Deepak Baindur
Mumbai lunch box delivery system Deepak Baindur & Rosario Macario
Public Participation for IISc infrastructure representing the needs, usages, and effectiveness of knowledge management techniques in an infrastructure project Swathi. K.J


Projects by M.Tech 1st Batch

Title of the Project Name of the student
Intelligent Transportation systesat m for public transport in Mysore framework, plan and impact Ashalatha. K
Functional Review of BMTC: An Operator Point of View B. M. Sathisha
A Functional elvaluation of Traffic and Transit Management Centers (TTMC's) in Bangalore Bhagyalakshmi. M. Awati
Performance evaluationo f Urban state road transport undertakings Hari Kishore .B
Application of Dynamic fares and Revenue Management for Premium services of KSRTC Rajesh .S
The Measurement and Evaluation of Performance of Premium bus services in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) S. Lakshmana