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Prof. Abdul Rawoof Pinjari
Chairman, CiSTUP
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, INDIA

Phone (Chairman): +91-80-2293-2521
Direct No.: +91-80-23468207
Fax: +91-80-23468207

Phone (Office) : +91-80-2293-2521/2043
Website Url:


How to reach CiSTUP

"CiSTUP office in IISc: To reach this building, Use the entrance located next to Circle Shri Maramma Temple. This is at the north side dead end of Margosa Road where it meets the Sankey road. Once inside, you can see the SID building. CiSTUP building is behind SID and can be reached from left (west side) road.

IMPORTANT: "Please carry a photo ID card as Security at the IISc gate may ask for it."

NOTE: General Info - How to reach IISc